The management team provides support to all services to ensure they are fully compliant with the standards required by regulatory bodies and regular on-site visits occur to undertake service and risk assessments.

The principles and practices of total quality management and continuous quality improvement is very important to First Practice Healthcare management team, administration, and practice of home health care.  The basic tenets of our quality management philosophy involve a focus on the following five key areas: (1) systems and processes rather than individual performance; (2) involvement, collaboration, and empowerment; (3) internal and external "customers"; (4) data and measurement; and (5) standards, guidelines, and outcomes of care. 

First Practice Healthcare chief executive, being a nurse of considerable experience has integrated these foci into the delivery of quality home care services and provided programs that address these five key areas of quality management philosophy for innovative quality management practice in home care.

At First Practice Healthcare – Quality health care means doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, for the right person – and having the best possible results.

We have scientific ways to measure health care quality. Our professionals use tools called measures to check up on and improve the quality of care we provide. Our goal is to make these measures more reliable and helpful to our clients in making their healthcare choices, provide access to information, and deliver high quality care to your satisfaction.

We use two main types of quality research based on ‘outcomes research’ which simply means, end result of healthcare practices: 1. consumer/client ratings or satisfaction and 2. clinical performance measures which is how we achieve your desired goals.


In order to continually update and improve our service delivery, we believe it is important to obtain the opinions, wants and needs of the people we support. Their families and wider support networks, including staff and key workers are also consulted. We produce an annual satisfaction survey to capture the views of each individual to ensure we are constantly, reviewing and updating our service provision to match the requirements of all concerned.

We measure our success by the happiness and progress of the individuals we support, and remain committed to delivering the best outcome-focused services.

We actively promote independence at every opportunity, and are committed to living life to the full. We passionately believe that the individuals we support should have access to all of the opportunities open to the wider community.

First Practice Healthcare has earned accreditation of the Quality Care Commission (CQC) by meeting the required national standards.

Our Quality Assurance to you:

Who will care for you (Well trained and compliant Nurses, carers and support workers)
How much choice will you have (You will be fully involved in every aspect of planning your care)
Where will you receive your care? (In the comfort of your home)
When will you receive your care? (You will receive it when you need it)
How will you be cared for? (We guarantee you the highest quality of care)